Bringing Health Care Home


What kind of services does ONHL provide?

ONHL Home Care Services provides, ADvantage Case Management Services, Skilled Nursing Services and Personal Care Aide services.

  • ADvantage Case Management Services – Case Managers assess, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate the options and services available to meet the member’s needs. Member’s are encouraged to make informed decisions about their health care and independence. Case Manager’s make monthly visits to the member’s homes to follow up on their plan on care, medications, education, and for oversight of personal care staff.
  • Skilled Nursing Services – Provide Assessment, Medicaid pill planners and education.
  • Personal Care Aides – Provide assistance with bathing, meal preparation, housekeeping, laundry, and errands, as needed/specified on plan of care.

What is the ADvantage program?

The ADvantage Program of the Home-and Community-Based Services provides Medicaid services to help people stay at home instead of going to a nursing home. The program assists frail elders and adults who have physical disabilities.

A person must first qualify for Medicaid, a low income service, prior to receiving ADvantage. ADvantage cannot be provided for children or those individuals with mental retardation.

What is the State Plan Personal Care Program?

State Plan Personal Care of the Home- and Community-Based Services is a Medicaid service that helps some people with their daily living activities at home. A personal care attendant helps the consumer with things like bathing, grooming, getting in and out of bed, toileting, meals, eating and light housekeeping.

How do I start services?

Contact ONHL Home Care Services and we will send a licensed nurse to your home to assist you in completing an Oklahoma Department of Human Services application and will submit the application through OKDHS.

How many times per week will I receive services?

Dependant upon OKDHS eligibility and level of care, each member will be assessed and provided services based on individual need.

What type of services am I eligible for?

A nursing professional will come to your home and do a medical and financial assessment and based upon eligibility and your individual medical needs a plan of care will be completed. Your plan of care will be submitted to OKDHS; upon approval from the ADvantage Administration, services will be initiated by your provider of choice.

Are the Caregivers licensed and insured?

Every ONHL Home Care Services provider is an employee of our company. We perform a criminal background clearance on each caregiver and cover each of them with general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. We employ licensed nurses and trained personal care aides.

How do I choose a Home Care Provider for my services?

Upon approval for services through OKDHS, you have the right to the provider of your choice.

If I’m not income eligible for ADvantage or State Plan services, are services still available through ONHL Home Care?

Yes, on a private pay basis or through the Veteran’s Administration services can be set up for you as an individual. Please contact ONHL Home Care Services for further information.

Our History

ONHL Home Care was founded with the goal of delivering quality care to the elderly and adults with physical ...

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